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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 31, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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trend on twitter. hashtag "outnumbered." find us on facebook at"outnumbered" fnc. we're back on noon eastern tomorrow. thank you for joining us. "happening now" starts right now.
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change that. >> a trump rally underway in michigan. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jenna lee. >> i am jon scott. we expect to hear from donald trump in 45 minutes or so. and hillary clinton is dealing with new fallout from the e-mail scandal. trump will be taking the stage in grand rapids this hour and expected to speak more about the new fbi investigation in the hillary clinton e-mails. the bombshell revelation recharging his campaign in a crucial time. they are following the latest. we go to john roberts in grand
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rapids. john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. there is a tried and true adage in politics. when your opponent is down keep your foot on their neck so they can't get up. in the rally in green bay. did i say green bay? i meantime gran rapids, michigan. he will say the fbi is right to reopen the investigation in hillary clinton's e-mail and pound loretta lynch for trying to strong arm the fibroid director for not sending that letter. donald trump is talking about obama care. he believes he has an issue that he can get traction on and if not make a winning issue out of it. for a lot of people here in grand rapids, michigan. bread and butter issues will win the day. donald trump will tell them if they are looking for real change, he can be the candidate
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to bring it. listen to what he said in colorado. >> we are on the cusp of an incred and i believe historic change that is going to transfer power from a failed political establishment that looks like it is failing pretty big right now and return the power to it our families and communities ands citizens. early voting is underway. get the ballots in. >> that idea gets the thumbs up from the co-founder of pay pal. he is drawing derision for being the one tech company billionaire to get behind donald trump. he said what donald trump created is neither crazy or going away. he told that to a press club in washington today. >> i don't agree with everything that donald trump has said and done and i don't think the
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millions of other people vote issing for him do either. no one would suggest that donald trump is a humble man. but the big things he's right about; amount to a much needed dose of humility in your politics. >> the path to the white house was narrowing. but he's trying to expand it. his poll shows he's done three points to hillary clinton. and he was in new mexico yesterday and going to wisconsin tomorrow and battling it out in colorado, arizona, and nevada and back in pennsylvania tomorrow where he will be in valleyy forge, pennsylvania and with a message about health care. and riding the obama care pony all the way to the white house. >> as much traveling as you do. i don't fault you for mixing up one city here and there. >> please don't ask me where i
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was yesterday. >> it doesn't happen very often, jon, and you cover it well. >> hillary clinton is hitting the campaign trail today. and the fallout in her e-mail. secretary clinton turning her attention to ohio where she is locked in a tight race with donald trump. she will hold a early voting event in kent state university and will make a case that trump poses a threat to our national community. >> she is doning a clinton campaign and ally and democrats have continued their campaign to discredit james comey after his announcement. and couple of democrats are calling for his resignation. and harry reid said he regrets supporting him in the past and even suggests that he may have broken the law. the clintons are are pushing
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a letter including former attorney general eric holder. saying it breaks with long-standing practices followed by officials of both parties during past elections. and meanwhile, tim kaine is making the argument that comey's announcement may help the campaign because it is so outrageous, it may prompt a number of folks who would not show up to the polls to show up this time. comey defenders pointed out the unusual step was prompted by the unusual arrangement that hillary clinton made in her private e-mail serveener her home in chappaqua. >> she is campaigning in penn state. and she is pushing to focus in on donald trump. she will make it clear that
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donald trump represents a danger to our initial security. and this as hillary clinton and the campaign over the last couple of week and months, knocking donald trump. >> it's time for him to stop fear mongering and stop distracting from what is at stake and stop disgracing our democracy. we can't let him get away with it. her event in kent state university allows her to reach the cleveland television market. and cleveland is in a democratic base of the state. typically if a democrat wants to win the state. they have to churn out their vote. but there is troubling signs there, according to a cleveland, early voting polling totals are behind where president obama was four years ago, and very much a difference maker in such is
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a close race with the polls show nothing the state of ohio. jenna, back to it you. >> something to watch, rich, thank you. >> for more on the political impact and into the new e-mails, we'll bring in david. david, the polling is beginning to come out with the numbers that reflect the developments of last friday. how does this shape the race? >> there are a couple of polls already out and so far it hasn't shaped the race. there is a morning consult national hoel that gives hillary clinton a lead where he was last week. and cbs battleground tracker poll that polled both parties on where they are since the e-mail disclosure and only five percent of the democrats were likely to it walk away from clinton given the disclosure and 13 percent of
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the democrats rallied toward her. so far it doesn't look like a ton of fallout for the clinton campaign. but there is nervousness and anxiety. we don't know, we don't know. a wall street journal said they have to review 600,000 e-mail and that will take longer before the election. and what drops between now and then, that is the concern among top democrats inside and outside of the clinton campaign. >> but there are also reports and there are undecided voters yet. people who haven't decided which way they will pull the lever or punch hole they will punch. and there are reports that among the undecided, people, many of them are leaning republican. so if the clinton e-mail investigation is bubbling to the surface, it would seem that
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would exacer bat trend. >> if they are truly undecided and they go with the challenger. the democrats occupy the white house and hillary clinton is running on obama's third term that trump is the challenger. those undecided are likely to break for trump. but the democrats are worried about an enthusiasm issue. >> you mentioned the president and his spokesman is talking about the initiative the white house right now. let's listen in. >> in our democracy, is given the expanse of authority to conduct investigations. the department of justice is given subpeona power. they are allowed to compel witnesses to testify. they are able to collect evidence that is not readily available necessarily.
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and they are allowed to empanel a grand jury. those are substantial authorities. it's important in the mind of the president those authorities are tempered by adherrance to long-standing tradition and practice and norms that limit public discussion of facts in the investigation. the president believes that it's important for those norm and traditions and guidelines to be followed. >> were they in this case? >> i think, i know there is a lot of discussion about this and by discussion, a lot of public reporting based on a multitude of anonymous sources in the department of justice. the president believes there are a set of institutional
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responsibilities that officials in the department of justice and fbi must fulfill. but the president believes that director comey is a man of integrity and principle and character. and that's the reason that president bush chose him to serve in the bush's administration department of justice and the character traits are what led a strong majority of democrat and republican senators to confirm him for the job and led the president to be the director of the fbi. and these are tough questions. and so, it's a good thing he is a man of integrity and character to take them on. >> yule concede in the absence of information, voters are left to speculate about what might be involveded in this and what they are looking adjust before the election. with the president in the intf people being able to not rely on
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anonymous source and the like see that the fbi release more information than comey did prior to election day about what is going on? >> i will not criticize or defend director comey's decision on what to make public. i just don't have the independent knowledge of the decisions that are made to release this information. and there are people who have the luxury of being able to opine and serving up anonymous sources to weigh in for their own you view. but i am representing the institution of the presidency, i don't have that luxury. and so in the same way i'll neither defend or criticize director comey's decisions on what to make public in the context of that investigation, i don't have recommendations to make with him on what
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information should be related to the public. >> and including after the fbi, announced that it was not proceeding to bring charges in the case, the white house defended comey and you have defended him a number of times. is that language you you are using today that you will not defend or criticize. and the fact that you are not defending him is that a signal that the white house is maintaining a distance here. >> what i think, josh, i observed in the past. director comey is a man of integrity and principle. and well regarded by officials in both parties and served as a senior position in the bush administration and got bipartisan support when his nomination to be director of the fbi was considered by the united states senate. they are all true.
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they speak to his good character and the president's assessment of his integrity and his character has not changed. for example, the president doesn't believe that director comey is trying to influence the outcome of the election. and the president doesn't believe he's secretly strategying a candidate or political party. he's in a tough spot. he's the one who will be in the position to defend his actions in the face of significant criticism from a variety of legal experts including officials who served in senior justice position for presidents led by both parties. that kind of, i am not in a position to frankly defend or
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criticize a decision he made with regard with what to communicate in public. that is separate, josh, from the kind of prosecutorial decisions by the fbi and department of justice. that is their institutional responsibility and to make those decisions about investigations and prosecutions independent of prosecutorial. and it is their responsibility. >> is it concerning to the white house, that you have the justice department and fbi griping at each other in some form of public or semi- public fasciop. they have to work closely together to keep the country safe. is there an issue that needs to be be resolved so that the justice department is not accusing the fbi of not following proper procedures.
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>> the president has got a lot of confidence in the attorney general of the united states loretta lynch to run the department. she has spent decades as a career prosecutor and she is not new to this. a lot of that work was done when she was head of the eastern district of new york. that is a position, where these kinds of decisions are closely skrutinized. and the president has complete confidence for her to handle the responsibility. >> and one other questions, i know it is difficult to talk about for other reasons. the president's half brother,
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has an op- ed, and airing a list of grefiances against the president. saying he didn't support his family in kenya. didn't send condolences after his son passed away. and he will end saying i will not be be humiliated anymore. does the president have thoughts about the oped or the family issue is playing out publicly. >> i have to admit i have not seen the op- ed that you are referring to. if we have an official reaction i will follow-up. i did not ask him about that. but we'll follow-up with you,oc? >> going back to the fbi, you said that you do i want have enough or white house
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doesn't have enough independent information to criticize or to come out with a position on comey's letter. but what do you say to the american people? the white house doesn't have information on whether it was appropriate or not. the american people are left with questions of what to believe. there is both calls on both sides of the aisle asking director comey to release more information. do you feel the american people don't have a right about this probe? they are going to be voting booths right now and next tuesday. >> this is a legitimate question for you to ask and these are the kinds of questions that are carefully considered in the didn't of justice right now. and given the institutional responsibilities that are vested here in the white house, and i
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just don't have a recommendation to make. it is important for them to make these decisions consistent with with their to be precise here. it is important for the officials in the department of justice and fbi to make these decisions. and the officials are given expansive authority and expansive powers to intrude on the privacy of private citizens. and that authority, is tempered by long- standing traditions and norms and guidelines that largely avoid extensive public discussion of those investigations. let me give you an example, or resonant with all of you based on your day-to-day responsibilities here in the white house.
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it is not uncommon for you when you call the department of justice asking them to even confirm that there is an investigation ongoing for them to decline to do that. typicalgally when you report about the ongoing investigation. that is not on confirmation that you received from the official at the department of justice. it is based on confirmation from an anonymous department of justice that is not willing to speak about the case because it is improper for them to do so. in a way that we all, in a way that reflects the reality of the world we work in on a day-to-day basis, that underscores the sensitivity of discussing the information. and the other thing to consider here. there is a tendency to say with regard to the letter that was written on friday. to say that congress is
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independent and they have independent oversight responsibilities to exercise over the department of justice. let me say a couple of things about that. the first is, the kinds of norms and traditions that limit the public disclosure of investigations don't supercede the oversight responsibilities or request that are submitted by the members of congress. and the reason for that is simple. congress is independent of the executive branch, but they are far from impartial. congress is made up of 535 politicians, democrat and republicans and we have seen in the last 72 hours, the kind of risks that is associated with communicating to it them sensitive information. there is one senior republican official who is indicated, who
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had previously endorsed the republican nominee that led it slip that his party was considering impeaching president clinton if she is elected. that is a clear indication that congress is not at all impartial. and you know, that's why many of the norms, long-standing norms, that apply even when we are not talking about someone famous and not talking about an election being a week and half away that should apply. and the president believes that the norms are important and worth upholding. >> he knowledges it is worth upholding, but in this case comey's letter, these norms were not upheld. we are talking about an ongoing investigation and so a letter was sent. and so, i am trying to parse out so where does the white house stand as a general issue having
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an ongoing investigation that is now being discuss ed. >> and because we have worked to shield this investigation given the politically sensitive nature television. and even if it were not politically sensitive. we would go to great lengths and skrupullous of insulating that independent investigation from the appearance of political interferen interference. i don't have independent knowledge of the investigations or the kinds of decisions that led director comey to take the steps he did to communicate the material relevant to the investigation to the congress and to the public. so again, i am not in the position to defend or criticize that decision.
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>> that's josh earnest in the daily press briefing in the white house. facing a barrage of questions about the new revelations of hillary clinton's e-mails 660000 of them discovered on a computer shared with huma abedin and her former husband anthony we upper. he said that he does not believe that hillary clinton, that president obama believes that james comey is not intentionally trying to affect the outcome of the election. >> fox news alert. donald trump holding a rally in grand rapids, michigan. let's listen in. [cheering]. 100 percent. let me start today by making a very important promise to you. when i win on november 8th. i am going to bring your jobs back to america.
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[cheering] you know it better than anybody else in the country, the long nightmare of jobs leaving michigan will be coming to a very rapid end. we are going to make michigan the economic envo of the entire world once again. it used to be the economic envy. the political class in washington has betrayed you. they have uprooted your jobs, community and shipped your wealth all over the world to mexico and all over. they put new skyscraper ares up in/beijing while your factories in michigan were crumbling. these were our poll cisions. i will end the theft of american prosperity. believe me. [crowd noise] i will fight for every last michigan job. you will have plenty of jobs,
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get ready. because when we win, it is going to be america first. [cheering] so you have to make sure you get in your absentee ballot and get out to the polls on november 8th. anybody sending in a ballot. big day on november 8th. we'll never have a chance to do this again. this is like a movement that the whole world is talking about. and honestly, you will not have a chance. in four years, you will not have this chance. you have to get out and vote. vote with all of your heart and soul because this is. it and show the world how much you love michigan and love america by voting so that we take back our jobs and we rebuild our military and so many other things. we have to on have a border.
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[cheering]. i am asking for your vote [cheering]. [crowd chanting] we will build the wall. do not worry about it. [cheering] we don't build the wall, they will be angry at me. so we will build the wall. and you know who is paying for the wall, right? 100 percent. they don't quite know that yet. but they will find. it no, they are good. i meet with the president of mexico and he was great. and the whole thing is going to work out. we have to stop the poison from upon coming in with the drugs. they are flowing in and poisoning your state and poisoning new hampshire. new hampshire tells me, and for
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a year and half with new hampshire, they have told me stories that are unbelievable. every state the poison is pouring in and we'll stop the drug fest and work on the people that are badly addicted and get them better. i am asking for the vote for republicans, and democrat and independents and first time voters that want great jobs and safe neighborhoods and a government that works for the people. [cheering] i am asking you so importantly to believe in america once again. but to bring back your jobs, we must immediately repeal and replace obama care. [cheering] what a disaster. it's just been announced that michigan residents will have
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double-digit premium hikes. congratulations. and in fact, the number is so high. i don't want to give it to you because i don't want to ruin your day and see you slump out of here. no. by the way, any place more fun to be than a trump rally? huh? [cheering] and honestly, the subject right now is not so positive because it is what is going on in our country. we'll make it so positive. in minnesota, where the premium, i mean you have to see what happens in minnesota. the increase is over 60 percent. the democratic governor, and he's a big democrat, he said the affordable care act is no longer affordable. he took a little heat for that. hillary clinton wants to double down on obama care, making it more expensive and in fact, much more expensive than ever before.
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she will double down and in all fairness, folks. based on what we are reading, in all fairness, right now she has bigger problems that obama care. they may have finally gotten wise to the clintons. perhaps they have finally gotten wise. [crowd chanting lock her up] wow. and thank you. i love you, too. and i have to give the fbi credit. that was so bad what happened originally and it took guts for director comey to make the move that he made in light of the kind of opposition he had where
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they are trying to protect her from criminal prosecution. you know that. it took a lot of guts. i really disagreed with him and i was not his fan. but what he did, he brought back his reputation. he brought it back. he has to hang tough. there's a lot of people want him to do the wrong thing. he did the right thing. i am asking you for your vote to replace obama care and save the health care in this country that is in such dire straits. we'll save health care for every family in michigan and in our country. much less expensive and better health care. repeal and replace. we have so many alternative and better and legsz expensive. real change means restoring
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honesty to our government. as you know, the fbi has reopened its investigation in to hillary clinton and discovered, and discovered, you heard this yesterday, it is hard to believe, and discovered another 650,000 e-mails. she lied under oath when she turned over all of her work- related e-mail. just one more lie out of so many. and you know, general cartwright, a four star general lied for national security purposes, he lied one time and he may go to jail for five years. she's lied so many time and the
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deletions. this is the biggest scandal since watergate. hillary wants to blame everyone else for the mounting legal troubles, but she brought all of this on herself. hillary is the one who set up an illegal private e-mail server in a closest to shield her criminal activity. hillary is the one who engaged in a pay for play scheme in the state department and now there are five fbi probes in the clinton foundation and the pay for playactivities. very, very deep investigations. hillary is the one who sent and received classified information on an insecure server, putting the safety of the american people under threat. that's what she did.
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650,000. you know what i call that? that's the motherload. i think you are going to find the 33000 that are missing and 15000 that are missing and the boxes of emaims missing two weeks ago. i think we hit the motherload as they say in the good old mining industry. hillary is the one who lied to congress under oath. hillary is the one who lied on so many different occasions to the fbi and they, they know. hillary is the one who made 13 phones disappear, some with a hammer. hillary is the one who destroyed 33000 e-mails. and is after she got the subpeona. after. and before it is no good.
10:36 am
but after, no. that's why something should have happened then but that's okay. hillary is the one who broke the law over and over and over again. we can be sure that what is in those emaim system absolutely devastating and i think we will find out by the way for the first time. thank you uhuma. thank you, huma. good job, huma. thank you, anthony weiner. [applause] and remember the statements i made in new york a year ago. i made statements that were rough like how can she be allowed to live with this guy? how can she have access to
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important information and i was badly critized. and now they are saying trump has good judgment. wow! got go instincts. [cheering] hillary is not the victim. the american people are the victims of this corrupt system in every way. and this is your one chance right now november 8th to change it. hillary is likely to be under investigation for a very long time. one of her long- time supporters, a top democratic pollster, good guy and smart guy and sharp guy. doug shown is now totally withdrawing his support. his supported that family for years and wrote in an article
10:38 am
quote i am a democrat and i worked for bill clinton, but i can't vote for hillary. and this is so important. shone wrights, we will face the real possibility of constitutional rights with many dimensions and dell tarrous consequences should secretary clinton win the election. i don't think that is going to happen. that happens, we did a bad job out here folks. scione warns if hillary is elected, she would be under protracted criminal investigation and probably a criminal trial, i will say and so we would have a criminal trial for a sitting president. and in the meantime, putin, who she likes to say bad things
10:39 am
about, and all of the other leaders many of whom she said bad things about. and you wonder why the world hates us. and all of these people will sit back and laugh and smile. the investigation will last for years. the trial will probably start and nothing will get done. your cars will continue to leave michigan. your facilities like the ford facility will leave michigan nothing the get done. and our country will continue to suffer and she's unfit and unqualified to be the president of the united states and her election would mire our government and our country in a constitutional crisis that we cannot afford. folks, we have to get back to it work. we have to get back to work. >> republican presidential
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candidate donald trump in the state of michigan. an industrial state where his campaign feels they have a chance to win some electoral votes. one of the states where they might be in a pinch for electorial votes is utah. you will hear from evan mcmullen, conservative candidate who is virtually tied with trump in that state. that is coming up on "happening now".
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hillary clinton: far too many families today don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the heart of my presidency. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. >> both of these candidates are deeply corrupt and unfit for the presidency. >> that's independent. he's poling well in utah and he could take the red state away from donald trump who will polling at the top. he is six points behind trump and virtually tied with hillary
10:44 am
clinton. and evan, nice to have you become on the program. >> great to be with you. >> lot of big news, i would like you to give thoughts on the fbi investigation and including hillary clinton's handling. and how does it hit state of utah. >> it is nothing new. find out that hillary clinton is extremely corrupt. we know that. and i just don't see it new. just like it was not new when we had the donald trump tape leak of him assaulting women. we know that is the kind of person donald trump and hillary clinton is. we have a crisis of leadership and we need to snap out of it and not be beholden to either one of the parties. if they offered good leaders
10:45 am
respecting the constitution fine. they are not. and we need better leadership. two parties have drifted away from serving the people well and we are building a new conservative movement that the country needs. >> some republicans are not happy that you entered the race in the state of utah. mr. trump was asked about your role in the state of utah and this is what he had to say. >> he hurts us in utah and so let's say we don't win. that would devastate the election. there is no reason for it. for no other reason, we are picking supreme court justices, forget about everything else. if the incredible people of utah. if they go enough for this character that is running all over the state and we lose the state of utah, that is devastating because that means
10:46 am
we are going to lose the supreme court of the united states for 60 years. by that time it will not matter, in the end of six years, we'll not have a country left. >> evan, what is your response. >> he's losing utah because he is a weak leader and he's not a real conservative. and he's hardly a real republican. you can only blame yourself if you are in donald trump's position with hundreds of millions of dollars and a party and still losing utah. polls say we are either tide or leading. he could win utah if he were a real conservative. but he has no lifelong record of being pro late term abortion or against the second amendment and doesn't know the first thing about the constitution or want to respect. and run a bigoted or sexist
10:47 am
campaign. as they point out mike pence and donald trump. i am a nobody. i am proud to be a no body. it is about the principle and that's what mindy fin my running mate is fighting for. & they say nobody knows who evan mcmullin and they are somebody and the people of utah and country supporting us. and i think donald trump needs to own that make changes in his own campaign. jenna, i would say one thing about the supreme court. how on earth can we trust donald trump with the supreme court? he supported partial abortions and said his sister who is a pro-choice liberal would make a phenomenal justice. he's flip flopped on every issue. and a lifelong new york liberal and why on earth would we trust
10:48 am
him to make good appointmentes to the court court. we have two big government liberals and that's why we stepped in. >> we are glad to have your official response. and i would like you to respond on our you viewers who have a strong reaction to the appearance on the program and i paraphrase. this is the only way to connect with social media. >> what he's saying about the conservative movement resonants for me. but practically to the race will help hillary clinton. what do you say to that viewer that is listening to you and liking you and saying this will damage the per sought to get somebody in the white house other than hillary clinton. >> well, first of all, i view hillary clinton and donald trump as big government new york liberals period. even if you say donald trump is some how different which i don't
10:49 am
think he is. polls show hillary clinton will win it in a land slayed or a close race. if hillary clinton wins in a land slide because donald trump is a weak candidate, we need to send a message to washington, that we are no longer going to stand from the nominees from the republican party as conservatives. i am making the case to vote for me. if it is it a hillary clinton land slide which it looks like it will be. vote for me. we send that message. it looks like it is tightening now. we can block them both by winning a state or two or throw. vote for me and so we block p them both and get a better leader in to the white house is what it comes down to. it will be one of those two. hillary clinton in a land slide or a close race to allow us to block them in either case. i hope people give us that
10:50 am
chance. >> in that case you could be be a player. interesting column in the washington post. i would like you to come back and talk about how your past experience in the cia could apply to other areas outside of the intelligence sector. we look forward to having you back on the program. >> thank you, jenna. >> the brand new poll that shows where the race stands in the home state of the the governor mike pence. is donald trump winning over undecided voters than hillary clinton? a look at this next.
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a new poll out this hour in indiana gives donald trump a strong lead where his running
10:54 am
meat is the governor. and another poll finding a higher percentage of undecided voters say they identify as republican and that could help donald trump. joining me now is patrick murray. and a political science and international -- if you have been listening throughout our show, this is the first pole where you asked a question about the fbi investigation. it wasn't the state of indiana, but what did you find? >> other polls have been asking questions since friday about how to you feel and that will move more people. did it change what you were going to do. less than 5%, 4% in indiana. if having two effects, one is galvanizing a little support, the net effect plus one or two
10:55 am
points to trump right now. but the key here for that undecided vote is that it seems to be having more of an effect in red states. places where republicans were holding back their support. they didn't feel confident with donald trump,ey didn't see there was any need to because the result was thought to be already decided. >> in some swing states, if this is a close election, it could make the difference. i think there are a couple keys here. does it suppress democratic turnout, or increase ur turnout for the republicans, that's one issue, and the other issue is do people in the key battleground states, do they decide on the
10:56 am
lower ballot races they're going to go republican and then even i think there is a couple things going on here. we may in some of these battleground states see a difference that we might not have seen -- >> and if you could quickly give us an assessment of what is normal. is what we're seeing normal or is it something different? >> there is nothing about this election that has been normal. throw that out the window. one of the things we have seen that was not normal is the number of states where trump was ahead by double digits. usually a republican in a decent year will carry 18, 19, 20, 21 points will carry. donald trump was maybe a handful, maybe ten. this was boosting his red state showing. the question is i'm not sure it it is boosting his swing state showing, missouri, indiana, and
10:57 am
in the indiana poll, the race was tied. that will be key. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. great to have you both. we'll be right back with more "happening now."
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>> have a fun and safe halloween. thank you, everyone, "america's election head quarters" starts now. the fbi moving forward after bomb shell e-mails revealed. it could shake up the election in just eight days from now. potentially tens of thousands of newly discovered e-mails that fbi director james comey may relate to the clinton case. it case was for anthony weiner, weiner's ex-wife is


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